Rules and Regulations of service

1. � is a service with paid access to its certain software features which are integral part of the service.
2. Publisher – the service’s publisher and administrator is Bweb Group � Bartosz Kiewra, Staszica 16/1; 49-400 Jawor, Poland – Tax ID: 695-140-99-44
3. User is each person visiting websites. Registered user is a person who have registered an account, filled in a registration form available on the service and made a registration payment.
4. Rules and regulations determine sort and terms of providing (via Internet) services by Bweb Group, terms of concluding and terminating an agreements on provision of services and rules of complaints procedure as well.
5. Some of contents of this Rules and Regulations may be regulated by other provisions which are in force in respective service�s parts .

1. For using this service it�s necessary to have a software enabling you to use the Internet and browsing its resources. It�s also necessary to have active mailbox.
2. Use of the Service bases on Cookies technology. Information saved in �cookie� files on User�s computer enables to use the service and are meant to User�s identification (User consent to that consciously). That kind of files are deleted from User�s computer after logging out from the Service. Internet browsers allow to disable receiving �cookie� files. However if you do that, using of most of the services may be impossible.
3. Using the service may be impossible or partially hampered if User�s browser doesn�t have Java scripts switched on.

1. Registered user is each user who have made a registration payment and filled in a registration form available on the service.
2. Registration fee may be paid via the particular procedure.
3. Settlements for credit card transactions and electronic funds transfers are carried out via the Dotpay
4. After conducting formalities connected with payment and registration procedure, Registered User receives form Publisher the authorization allowing to use the service�s resources in a greater degree than Regular User.
5. Registration fee is optional, paid in one amount and an account is active for ever (on condition that user won�t break the service�s Rules and Regulations or demand to delete an account).
6. Registered User is authorised to use his/her account it only in person. For safety purposes please remember that you shouldn�t give third parties access to your individual �login� and �password�.
7. Registered User’s account can be used only by its owner and only on one computer at the same time. In the case of using the  account simultaneously by two or more persons, account�s owner may be sent a warning indicating the breach of Rules and Regulations. In the case of another breach of regulations, Registered User’s account will be switched off. All payments made by User are not refunded in this case. Account may also expire due to application (by Publisher) of sanctions for violation of other defined in Rules and Regulations provisions, which prevent subsequent use of the account, i.e. in particular the sanction of deleting User account. All payments made by User are not refunded in this case.
8. Termination of using the account can result from deleting an account. All payments made by User are not refunded in this case.
9. Prices and scope of benefits from possesing the Registered User’s account may be changed.

1. Publisher cannot guarantee continuous availability of service�s websites and uninterrupted readiness to provide offered services . The Publisher will not be liable for any errors, defects or irregularities in the functioning of Service (and all contents and services offered by In particular, The Publisher will not be liable for irregular functioning of any software obtained from
2. The Publisher will not be liable for damages occurred after using any services offered by or after copying any materials (including software) from websites.
3. The Publisher reserves the right to stop providing the services and temporary rendering impossible the access to website due to technical and organizational problems.
4. The Publisher exercises due diligence in order to make using services more safe and deprived of any negative effects. However due to a specific character of Internet, the Publisher cannot guarantee User full protection against potential threats resulting from using the Internet. It particularly concerns the risk of becoming the victim of crimes committed via the Internet.

1. All materials made accessible on websites, in particular text, graphics, music, software, are protected by Publisher�s, game producer�s and other third parties� copyrights. Using the services offered by the Publisher, User does not acquire the copyrights for any contents and materials, in particular software, published on websites.
2. All proper names, registered trademarks owned by third parties are used by the Publisher only for identification and informational purposes, as is the case of other Service Sections including contents created by Users.
3. All contents and software presented on websites are released only for private use. Copying, duplicating or any other use for commercial purposes is forbidden. It is also forbidden to use any text, graphics or music elements and elements of websites� code or structure as well in order to create derivative works for other purposes than private use. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce or disseminate any contents including texts, graphics and software, obtained from websites.

1. After disclosure of own personal details on websites, user simultaneously consents to processing this personal data for purposes determined in Service�s Rules and Regulations, in accordance with Polish Act on Personal Data Protection and Polish Act on Providing Services Via Internet.
2. Participating in contests or promotion campaigns, User consents to processing his personal data for marketing purposes and disclosure his personal data in case of win. This consent may be withdrawn by User at any time, however it will cause exclusion of winning prizes possibility in undecided contests, despite previous enrolment.
3. Processed data are not submitted to other companies, except for cases stipulated by law and except for passing them on to the extent necessary to companies which participate in realization of agreements concluded with User. In particular these data are not visible for other Users, except for data that User will voluntarily disclose to third parties via account profile available on service.
4. To register an account you have to disclose only your true full name and active e-mail address.

1. Regular User and Registered User are authorised to use the service only for private and personal purposes. It is forbidden to use any services available on websites for commercial purposes or for activities which may breach copyrights owned by the Publisher or any other third parties, including in particular copyrights of computer game producers.
2. Registered User is allowed to use his account only in person. It is forbidden to sell or give other persons access to an account without the explicit consent of the Publisher.
3. Account�s login and password are confidential information, it is forbidden to give other persons access to them. Choosing the exceptionally easy to guess password by the User, may be considered by the Publisher as making it accessible in public.
4. Commencement of any steps to bypass registration procedures is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to take any steps to the detriment of the Publisher or other Users, in particular in the form of hacking, attempts to obtain unauthorised access to Publisher�s IT systems and/or other Users� accounts. In case of breaking this regulation Publisher is entitled to apply all sanctions stipulated by the Rules and Regulations, Publisher is also entitled to process all personal data of User (necessary to determine his liability) who broke this regulation.

1. In case of breaking the principles of using the Service specified in Rules and Regulations, breaking the law or behaviors recognized by the Service�s administrators or moderators as violation of service�s rules and regulations, the Publisher is entitled to take and implement steps in order to eliminate such behaviors, in particular the Publisher is entitled to:
a)   send a warning to User (to e-mail address given by the User)
b)   block User�s access to one or many Service�s Parts, for specified time
c)   delete User�s account
d)   Publisher has the right to delete all contents breaking the law, Rules and Regulations and other contents deemed inappropriate.
2. Sanctions mentioned in point 1 may be applied by the Publisher at his sole discretion, without the need of justifying the kind and size of sanction.

1. Any complaints and objections connected with Service�s functioning, should be sent via e-mail ( or via the traditional post office (address: BWEB GROUP, Staszica 16/1, 59-400 Jawor, Poland). Reply will be sent on User�s e-mail address.
2. Time limit for complaint�s examination is 14 days. The Publisher reserves the right to remain complaint unprocessed if the complaint follows from ignorance of Gold-Club Rules and Regulations or the law.
3. Each user who made a registration payment and didn�t log on the service even once may resign from a service and receive reimbursement of incurred costs not later than 7 days after making a registration payment. In case of exceeding this time limit and/or logging on the service, the right to reimbursement of costs automatically is lost.

1. The Publisher reserves the right to one-sided change of provisions of Rules and Regulations and the change of other special provisions related to service at any time and without the need of decision justification.
2. Users are informed about each amendment to Rules and Regulations via a message sent on e-mail address given during registration process. Amendments shall enter into force as of the date of publishing respective information on websites.
3. Using the Service (or any part of Service) after entering the amendments into force means simultaneously approval of these changes. User has the right to refusal to accept changes (amendments) by deleting an account, if the character of changes allows to that.
4. These Rules and Regulations come into force on 10.01.2011.

In matters not regulated by these Gold-club Rules and Regulations and by other provisions published on websites, provisions of the Polish Civil Code and other acts shall apply.